Dreaming of the deceased

Is there an increase in dreams about the deceased when -as is the view in old believes- the veil between the world of realities is thin? Those time periods are Samhain, October thirty one – November first and the holy days from December 25th till January 6th?
The time period between three o’clock and four in the morning have this reputation too.

In my own dreamlife some of my most life-changing dreams where the ones I have had during the holy nights. I think that dreaming of the departed can occur any night. But the chance of getting a visitation dream or receiving precognitive information about an upcomming death of a loved one could be higher during those days. What do you think? What is your experience?

Since I have done an internet survey to gather dreams aboit the loved lost ones (including pets) I have gathered 125 dreams. Analysing them showed a clear pattern for five types of dreams:

– Precognitive dreams
– Gate dreams
– Otherworld dreams
– Visitation dreams
– Mutual dreams

If you recognise the pattern of dreams or disagree and have encountered a different type of dream I have not mentioned but definitely should include, let me know!



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