The Infinity model of Healing

Energy does not get lost” my science teacher said to me. I never forgot.
When I started my company Therapeut van Binnenuit in 2010, I soon found out about energy, the loss of energy and how to restore it. In a healthy state, energy flows, it flows in a circle and takes corners… Let me explain this to you.

Infinty model of healing

Healing has got to do with the constant folw of energy around 4 corners, turns, where things can transfer. You start out with any of the four variables in your anamnese: the individual: what is the mental state of the client, how is his way of thinking, is he an optimist, a pessimist, an innovator or a stabilizer? From this point the energy flows towards the social embedding: is the client in a stable relationship, does he have a good job, does he interact with peers in a contributing way to built the society he is part of?
Than in a natural way the energy flows towards the pysical aspect of being. If there where blockages in the first two variables, there will be a blockage of energy here that has an imprint on the body. From the physical path the energy flows towards the spiritual aspect of life. No matter what you believe in, the human mind is wired for spirituality. Everybody wants to attribute meaning to life.

How to work with this model? Let’ s look at an example. A dream I have taken out of the book “A dreamers guide to the Land of the deceased”. This book explores the spiritual path connected with health.  The book is based on a collection if 125 dreams. To illustrate the ease of this model I have choosen a dream where the dreamer, Lilly has indicated to have felt worse after the dream:

My dream seems to have my mom in them a lot.. she is, if not a central figure, then on the sideline… sometimes I talk to her, sometimes she talks to me, always there…

Lilly tells about this dream: Since I miss my mom, I feel pretty sad when I do dream about her… but also kind of upset, because I feel like she is trying to tell me something and I am not understanding what she wants..

So now let’s take the dream and get back to the model. We are clearly on the spiritual path on the left wing side of the model. I bt is not a precognitive dream mom has already died. It is not a Gate dream, mom is already on the other side. It is a visistation dream, with a problem; a blockage: there is no communication possible between mother and daaughter. This indicates a problem at the Social variable of the Healing model. The knowledge of the Ancestors can not be transferred, so the Healing energy can not flow.

The first advice to give to Lilly would be to organize a family gathering, getting together to celibrate mom, remembering her with good food, stories and shared memories. Restore her function as ancestor. After this night, I would advice Lilly to write a letter to her mom and to start incubating dreams about her mother. This way the mom will have the oppertunity to get her message across and to release the energy flow in her daughter.

You can read more about the Infinity Model of Healing in my book: “A dreamers’ guide through the land of the deceased”.

At June 24 th I will be presenting this at the IASD Conference Castles in the Sand.


About Mindfunda

My name is Susanne van Doorn, I am a Dutch psychologist. I have been working with psychology, dreams and mythology ever since I finished my study of psychology at Tilburg University. I made this site to share insights, and recent scientific articles about the brain, dreams, and mythology for use in your personal life. A Mindfunda a day keeps the doctor away: a healthy mind in a healthy body. If you are a blogger yourself, you’re invited to submit a blog (if you use the contact form I will get back to you asap) on the subjects of science, mythology or psychology.
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