Mel Blanc voice of the looney tunes

Watching the remarkable talent of Mel Blanc made me think about sound in dreams. I already wrote about some good songs inspired by dreams (Angel by Jimy Hendrix, for example and Let it be by the Beatles). Now I wanted to tell you about an inspiring dreamworker I met at the Kerkrade Iasd dream-conference: Sven Dohner.

In his inspiring presentation he changed my way of looking at, and working with dreams. He scans a dream report until he encounters movement. Movement signifies sound. So when working with a dream he asks the dreamer to invent a sound. For example if the movement in a dream is a door being opened, thedreamer should make this noise. Again and again. And notice the change in his body.

Mel Blanc was also very aware of the power of sound. He changed the world a little bit by putting a smile upon your face listening to Looney Tunes.

What do you think? Do your dreams have sound? Music?


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