Lucid dreaming, hands and Gate – dreams


Visiting the IASD Conference “Castles in the Sand” in Vitrginia, gave me the chance to connect with Robert Waggoner again.  I met him at the Iasd Conference in Kerkrade, where his book ” Lucid Dreaming” was one of the best-selling books. I bought a copy and had Robert sign it, because for two years I regretted not buying it myself.

Not long ago I created an easy hands-on method for working with dreams to “catch” their healing message: The Infinity Model. In this model five types of dreams are described, carefully laying out a spiritual way to be traveld in any kind of loss. Gate-dreams are the kind of dreams you get when you are about to enter an ” otherworld”. In my book “A dreamers’ guide through the land of the deceased” seeing a lost loved one in your dream can be a gate into this otherworld of Lucidity. Robert is a knowing guide into this otherworld.

In the dreamworld Robert has become famous for his looking at hands technique. As you can see on the photo, taken at the annual dreamball that all of us associate him with this method. This is what he writes about it in his book (p 269):

“I first learned of the Casteneda technique in this passage of his third book, Journey to Islam: ” You need to start everything simple” he ( don Juan) said. “Tonight in your dreams you must look at your hands.”….

When we consistently associate the sight of our hands with the idea “I am dreaming” then, like Pavlov, we set up a mental conditioned response that sparks an aware realization in the dream state…. Here you have my (Robert Waggoners’) version of the modified Casteneda technique:

1. Sit in your bed and drop the cares and concerns of the day. Take a minute to do this.

2. Casually look at your hands and tell yourself in a caring manner ” Tonight I while I dream I will see my hands and realize I’m dreaming”.

3. Continue to casually look at your hands and mentally repeat the affirmation. “Tonight I while I dream I will see my hands and realize I’m dreaming”.

4. Don’t be bothered if your eyes cross or you begin to get tired. Remain at peace and continue to repeat your intent slowely and gently.

5. After five minutes, or once you feel too tired or sleepy, quitely end the practice.

6. Gentily remind yourself of your intention to see your hands in a dream and then realize that you’ re dreaming and go to sleep.

If you have any questions about healing dreams or incubating Lucid dreams, do not hesitate to contact me on email, Facebook or Skype.


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