Dreams and health: early warning signs

Infinty model of healing

In my series about dreaming and health we are looking at early warning signs of health required by carefully looking at dreams.

One of the first signs of a menace of health is recurring nightmares. Often in such a nightmare an animal attacks the bodypart that is not well. In a study Russian psychologist Vasily Kasatkin undertook and publiced in 1967,
there is a story about a widower telling him that he knew the recurrent nightmares of his late wife had been the start of her illness. Now please do understand that a nightmare does not nesecarely mean you are ill. But do be aware of the possibility and educate yourself about symptoms. Patricia Garfield found in her Healing Power of Dreams that the bodypart under attack is often symbolised. So a bird attacking a kitchen was a symbol for an illness of the stomach.

Also there is a difference in man and woman regarding health issues in a dream. Man do receive more dreams about battle, being wounded and under attack when ill. When these dreams perservere the illness usually gets worse. For woman dreaming about being seperated from a group or a loved one can indicate a simular thing.

Since I have been doing this project: collecting dreams about physical health (do feel free to share) people have asked me time and time again about my own experiences. Being chronically ill, diagnosed diabetes since age 11 I have had my own experiences with dreams and health.  I had a very very bad ear infection when I was diagnosed. Now I know ear infections often relate to an unrecognised lactose intollerance so I avoid any food containing milk or yoghurt. But a had a bad ear infection that has cost my my hearing in my left ear. In the middel of that infection I had recurring dreams about putting out fires. I was running around with fire extinguishers in the living room while my family was sleeping or disregarding the fire. Like in my real life at the time. But I do not recall early warning sign dreams. What I get from literature on this subject is that there is a strong negative emotion surrounding the dream usually combined with an inner fear and knowledge.

Usually docters are not willing to listen to dreams. A first thing a docter always wants to do is to assure his patient. If your dreams are persistant do not let your docter assure you you are allright. Keep on calling and ask for further research. From my own experience with my youngest son I know when you listhen to your intuition and keep on calling and asking, help will be on its way. It has saved lives. If you are wrong, forgive yourself. But please do keep on nagging your docters untill you get the proper diagnose or research that will ease your anxiety.

If I have been of assistence to you and you can interpret your dreams any better feel free to like and share this post with somebody that needs it.


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My name is Susanne van Doorn, I am a Dutch psychologist. I have been working with psychology, dreams and mythology ever since I finished my study of psychology at Tilburg University. I made this site to share insights, and recent scientific articles about the brain, dreams, and mythology for use in your personal life. A Mindfunda a day keeps the doctor away: a healthy mind in a healthy body. If you are a blogger yourself, you’re invited to submit a blog (if you use the contact form I will get back to you asap) on the subjects of science, mythology or psychology.
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2 Responses to Dreams and health: early warning signs

  1. traviswernet says:

    Great information here Susanne! I think this is such an under-researched area of dream work and I know that in my own practice of working with personal dreams and dreams of the collective that the dreams do report accurately and way ahead of time what is happening for dreamers on a multitude of levels, including the physical health aspects. I’m so happy to see the focus on this valuable subject here, Many Thanks, Travis W

    • Hallo Travis,

      Always good to hear from you. You have inspired me with your insights in dreams and all their creative possibilities. I think this is a very important subject and raising awareness for the preventive power of dreams regarding health will make the world a better place.

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