Dreams and health: tryptophane and sleep

Infinty model of healing

On my series on Dreams and Health we are now shedding some light on the neurotransmittor serotonin. Serotonin is a neurotransmittor that helps to regulate sleep.
Symptoms of a shortage of serotonine are:

panic attacks
cabrohydrate cravings

A building block for this neurotransmittor is tryptophane; an amino acid. Proteins get build out of amino acids. Eight of them you have to eat because the body can not build them itself. So you have to eat food rich in tryptophane:

whole grains
nuts: sesame seeds, almonds, wallnuts, cashew nut

In order to transform the tryptophane into 5 hydroxitryptophane and into serotonine you need magnesium and B vitamines. Serotonine is transformed into melatonine when daylight decreases. So taking a walk when the sun goes down will increase your melatonine level.

A lot of people that will induce dreams do so by getting B vitamines and magnesium to help 5 Htp transfer into serotonin. If you do want to buy supplements than please read the tag and avoid any supplement that has hydrolyzed on the tag. It means that the contents of your supplement has been heated up to substain its contend. So it has been created into something your body does not recognize.

If you have any questions regarding dreaming and health or want to share your own dream about health feel free to do so using this shortlink.



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