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Dromen en mythologie

In november komt Stanley Krippner in Utrecht een tweedaagse workshop Personal Mythology geven. Stanley Krippner is professor in de psychologie op Saybrook University. Hij heeft veel onderzoek gedaan naar mythologie, telepathie en dromen. In deze Engelstalige workshop zal hij uit … Continue reading

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How does the full moon affect your dreaming?

Dreaming and the moon August 21th will be full moon in the sign of Leo. Some people have realized moon affects the content of their dreams. Dr Christian Cajochen of the university of Basel discovered people tend to fall asleep … Continue reading

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Dream interpretation, what do YOU think?

  A well known saying by people working with dreams is that “the dream belongs to the dreamer”. Working on dreams with personal associations is a commen strategy used by people. Other people use a dreamdictionary and look up symbols. … Continue reading

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Precognitive dreams

In my book A dreamers guide through the land of the deceased there are a lot of precognitive dreams. When an event has a big emotional impact, like the loss of a loved one, dreams tend to get more precognitive. … Continue reading

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Workshop Personal Mythology Stanley Krippner 2 en 3 november 2013

Werken met dromen is voor velen een persoonlijke ontdekkingstocht die onvermoede deuren opent naar mythologie. Zo droomde ik eens dat ik een man met een grote hoed op ontmoette op straat. De grote hoed verborg een deel van zijn gezicht, … Continue reading

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Godess energy and dreaming

When I was flying to Virginia (or actually the Norfolk airport) I was talking with a nice lady with a lot of experience in dreaming. She had been a Jungian by education. I told her I was preparing a workshop … Continue reading

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