Precognitive dreams

In my book A dreamers guide through the land of the deceased there are a lot of precognitive dreams. When an event has a big emotional impact, like the loss of a loved one, dreams tend to get more precognitive.
How do you recognize a dream could have some precognitive elements? Emotion. The emotion a dream evokes. Let me give you an example from my book.

In a dream I am standing outside a hallway in a hospital. I am looking into an operating room. On the operating table there is a guy. Cute guy, dark hair straight nose. He had a black belt around his chest that strapped him to the operating table.
Than the surgeon came in. He walked in through the door on my left hand. He was an elderly man, in his fifties. Dark hair, curled, unfriendly cold eyes. He was out for murder….
I stood outside looking in. I knew I was not allowed to enter. I felt powerless. I liked this guy. I wanted to help him but did not know how. And I really did not want to wittness a murder.

When I looked in the room again I saw the bed was empty! My heart jumped with joy. Cuty got away. But where did he hide? He did not walk out of the door, it was blocked by the obese surgeon. So I looked up. And yes… There he was behind the ceiling. I saw his eyes and the reflection of his nose. I was so proud of him. He had managed to escape that surgeon/butcher.
Than the dream came to a sad ending. The surgeon aknowledge me being there: he looked at me (the guy on the operating table never saw me). and also looked up to the ceiling. He grinned. I woke up crying because I knew the guy was going to be killed.

I work with dreams. I do take my dreams seriously. So I took this dream to my dreamgroup. The message I got was: the surgeon is your ambition and the patient is your willingness to confirm. They do not like each other.
I was disappointed. I already knew this. I expect dreams to point something out I do not know. But it was a possible explanation, so I accepted it and moved along.

Five months later my brother called me. He told me my father was in hospital suffering from a lack of oxigen. He deteriorated. Fast. We have a big family and every day somebody drove my mother down the hospital. Thursday I drove her. We went up to his room. The docter, who did not look like the surgeon in my dream at all told me to call my family. My father was not going to make it.

Standing there watching his consciousness disapear I became like a detective. With every shot he got I stared into his eyes: was there a sign of pain? A sign of awareness?
None. I looked to the ceiling and asked out loud: dad where are you? Are you gone already? And than it hit me. This was the dream. It wanted to prepare me for this transition into a new fase. The hospital played an active part in ending his life in a fast and painless manner without consulting with us. We only found out later.

This dream for me has been a trurning point in working with dreams. Associating is all good but if you really want to dive into the matter at hand you need to look at the energy of the dream. In this dream the energy blocks at the window. I am standing outside looking in. Unable to do something. But there is a window. A gate. A gate to another reality. The reality of me being the mother, not the daughter anymore. The reality of me being the future grandmother of my children. A big change that I had to deal with. The dream was preparing me emotionally.
Do you have a dream to share about a lost loved one? Feel free to share or email me.Image


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  1. Juvani says:

    Nice article! Your book is well worth reading too for those interested in this matter!

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