How does the full moon affect your dreaming?


Dreaming and the moon

August 21th will be full moon in the sign of Leo. Some people have realized moon affects the content of their dreams. Dr Christian Cajochen of the university of Basel discovered people tend to fall asleep less easy at full moon.

Connie Kaplan has a more astrological point of view. She states in her Womans’ book of dreams: 
“Leo dreaming honors all things born of love: children, art, visions and inspirations”. Leo wants what is best for the community and loves to inspire people to be their best. Theater dreams and party dreams are most likely to occur when the moon is in Leo. The ruler of Leo is the sun, the heart chakra. As a result, dreams of one’s true nature, one’s innocent lust for life, come at this time. Dreams that involve actual lions also have a tendency to come when the moon spects Leo” (p 21).

And indeed, last night I dreamt of somebody I love very much… How do you experience the influence of the moon on dreaming?


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