Dream helper ceremony, a practical form of mutual dreaming

Bob van de Castle, author of “Our Dreaming Mind” and Henry Reed designed something they called “The dream helper ceremony“. It is a form of mutual dreaming, specified to resolve an issue by one of the dreamers. The dreamers all come together and meet each other. Each dreamer puts a question in a big hat. The person “leading” the ceremony picks one of the questions at random, a problem of person X participating in the ceremony. The question is not disclosed…
That night each dreamer goes home and tells himself: this night i am not going to dream dreams about me. This night I will dream about the problem of X.
The next morning all the dreamers tell their dreams and person X evaluates the usability of the dreams to decide upon a possible answer to the question.

Several weeks after Bob died on January 29 2014, we decided to do a dream helper ceremony in his honor. I am part of a group of dreamers that, on an online basis develpos their “psi” abilities in dreaming. We try to “see” a target in our dreams, to “guess’ a place based on coordinates, every month we have one or two challenges. There was a group of about seven dreamers, incuding Bob’s wife that participated.  Our question was: “How can I connect with you in a way that serves both of our souls”. Beacuse we could not meet in person we had two google hangout events to talk and ask questions, about Bob and about the ceremony. These were led by Bobbie Ann Pimm, his wife.

That night I dreamed: 

Easter Ceremony

I am helping out, like a servant, with the dining party of a couple of men. Important men. I am in the kitchen, working and I walk over to bring the men something soft, like cotton tips, so nothing will break. I walk out again because I do not want to disturb. (This part brining in something white and soft gives me the associatiion of an eastern breakfast, a celebration of eternal life).
An old man comes walking in the kitchen and informs me the guests will go out in the town, but will be back later. So I take the white plates (they look like my own breakfast plates) and start to wash them up so they are ready to be used again. EOD.

I did not read about the suggestion of a second night until this morning, I have the feeling my dream reflects that. Eastern is the ancient celebration of the return of life so I think it a beautiful dream, I hope it will be a helpfull one, when we look at all the dreams gathered later on”.

The next day I found out that Bobbie had asked us to dream two nights instead of one, the dreamers had left and got into town like in my dream but were comming back again. After telling my dream to one of Bob’s sons he told me that Easter had been a very difficult time for his father because one of his brothers died during Easter time and had been burried on Easter Sunday.
So how did it help me to connect with Bob his soul? How did the beautiful dreams from others help us answer this question?

Grosso modo the dreams displayed softness, acceptance and cleaning. On the leg of one dreamer crawled a spider during her dream, weaving the web of dreams and down by her leg was a little kitten. A cat being the symbol of Diana, Goddess of the Crescent Moon, the Moon of new beginnings….

Something about the “nun stance” – a method of prayers done by a group of nuns where they lock arms in a specific / unusual way to create an interlocking pattern – seemed like 2 circle formations, 2 nuns facing each other / locking arms and then each of them with a nun at their sides interlocking arms with them, and so on around the circle as they prayed.
This appears to be about connecting in mutual dreams or dream circles. About people needing each other as parts of one whole….

Another important thing to note was that I dreamed about Bob holding a river in his hands. In my mutual dreaming experiment Bob dreamed about crossing the river Sphinx (three months before his death). It felt like a dream-message at the time. Water, the ultimate symbol of life….

So, connecting with Bob’s soul or the soul of anyone who is decaesed most be done in a relaxed quite way with a complete respect for the guidance of dreams. Thank you Maria Cernuto for this opportunity and thank you dreamers for sharing this experience with me



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2 Responses to Dream helper ceremony, a practical form of mutual dreaming

  1. Maria~Shakti says:

    It was a great way to honor Bob; I think this would have pleased him. Bob left us many wonderful dream gifts! He came to me one night as I was readying for bed and he said: “I’m counting on all of you to continue dream research, but that he didn’t just want us to rehash what has already been done… to take it to a new level.

  2. Henry Reed says:

    We have gone online with the Dream Helper, anyone who can send out emails can conduct a circle. For the free book with all the details, get http://dream-guidance.com/DREAM-ESP-for-EVERYBODY.pdf

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