Vasily Kasatkin, a Theory of Dreams



In 1967 a book was published in Russia with the ambitious title “A Theory of Dreams”. Vasily Kasatkin, psychiatrist in several hospitas and MD of a multitude of patients: from patients with brain tumors to patients with a broken leg, Kasatkin asked them to record their dreams. This way he was able to establish a database containing over 10.000 dreams.
In his book he analysis those dreams trying to establish patterns between dream-scenes and illnesses:

..a young man was in someone else’s apartment and suddenly heard someone knocking at the door, The man got scared. He went to open the door, the dreaded man entered and hit the dreamer on the head with an axe. The axe broke… The dreamer ran after the man, supporting his head with his bleeding hands ».

In fear the dreamer woke up — with a very bad headache in the place in which he was shot and a nagging feeling in the feet and hands.
This book has many examples like this. Each time we are struck with how accurate dreams can indicate our physical health and the organ in need of healing. 
Kasatkin has, in this classic, been able to draw conclusions relevant for all of us who want to deepen our understanding of the relationship between physical health and dreaming. In his discussion of prodromal dreams Kasatkin states that because the line between consciousness and unconsciousness is easy to trespass in dreams, latent diseases usually manifest first in dreams.

We all have experienced prodromal dreams about diseases we would have -or our children. In a research of my own I found that a lot of parents can accurately “foresee” illnesses and accidents that will happen to their children sometimes years before they manifest in this waking reality. 

I have been translating Kasatkin’s classic from Russian to English with help of friends, my medical knowledge and a lot of lot and synchronicities. I had to make a desision due to time and money constraints to translate just a part of it but the most vital part. The sample, the method and the way dreams seem to change during the course of a disease. If you would like to read/purchase this classic book you can do so here

On Saterday June 6th I will discuss this book in a panel of experts, including Patricia Garfield, author of Creative Dreaming, at Golden Gateway to dreams, of the International Association of the Study of Dreams in Berkeley. Feel free to drop by and visit. For more information you can click here.





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