About me

Susanne van Doorn (1968) is a therapist with a Jungian education. She studied psychology at the Univerity of Tilburg in the Netherlands and graduated in 1994. In 2010 she passed her medical exams and is working as a therapist ever since in her own company.
She did research on dreaming about the deceased and wrote a book about it: “A dreamers guide through the land of the deceased”. This describes the path a sample of over 100 dreamers gave of the road our dreaming minds think we will travel after we pass on.

Member of th IASD, an International Organisation for the Study of Dreams, she has participated in their annual PsiberConference as a presenter of another experiment on mutual dreaming. In 2013 and 2014 she presented at the annual conference of the IASD. Her current field of interest is the realationship between dreaming and health, either mental of physical.

Since 2015 Susanne focusses on her international blog Mindfunda.com

For any questions contact me at info@mindfunda.com or leave a comment below:

Susanne Van Doorn

Susanne Van Doorn


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